Faith In The Faith Of Adversity

Hello Gentlemen,

Today as the title implies, we discuss Faith In The Faith Of Adversity.

I had no clue how poignant today’s topic would be yesterday when I finished yesterday’s post. After writing this yesterday I spent the rest of my day unsuccessfully attempting to upload my next ebook on to my self publishing profile on smashwords.

The first three times I attempted to do so their servers crashed and I received messages that the site was unavailable. After each failed attempt tried several times to upload again but their servers were unavailable for hours on end. I attributed the server failures to the overload of last minute holiday shopping so I figured that if I kept trying, I would eventually upload it.

Fate had another plan in mind for yours truly.

When the servers were available again I attempted a fourth time and my wifi could not find a signal.

Not to be thwarted I attempted a fifth time and received a message from the site that all the formatting errors I had corrected via their style guide had not been accepted and my cover image was corrupted.

I knew I had followed the guide meticulously and I opened my cover image in PDF, image viewer, and my photo app so I knew it could not be corrupted.

I overlooked the manuscript again and found none of the errors the program was stating existed, I was quite baffled.

You can call me determined or stubborn but I tried again, and received the same error messages and corrupt image file message, again.

I pride myself on my resilience and determination and it took every ounce of my self discipline to not to unplug my desktop and hurl it against the wall.

As you can imagine I was so frustrated kicked the door and jammed my toes, they are still sore this morning as a painful reminder of how frustration leads nowhere.

At that point I started laughing. I had no idea of what else to do, I did realize however that when you keep doing something and it’s not working your technique must be changed, or else you will continue to receive the same ugly results.

I regrouped, took a deep breath and started he guide from square one. I found that the corrupt file message from my cover image was due to a dimensional problem and the error messages in my manuscript were a result of a small tick in word that I had not clicked apply on, which threw my formatting off.

I know it can be very challenging to maintain your positive outlook in the face of adversity, but nothing you ever do that is worthwhile will come to you easily. Obstacles will appear in your way, and you will encounter other setbacks. Those are facts of life that will not change. What does change however is how you get yourself back up and learn from your mistakes and drive on. Adversity never changes, people change their mentalities.

-Recall a time when you could have given up and you did not, be it a sports team, a bad job, a mended relationship, or any other circumstance where you faced adversity. Take pride in overcoming it!

-Look at the people in our culture who did anything great: they suffered countless setbacks, many nay sayers, doubters, and failures. The commonality is they all pushed forward with drive and a sense of purpose to accomplish their goals.

Short list today I know. I am traveling back home for the holiday season and will not see you awesome guys again until Friday! I hope you have a very happy holiday season with all those who care about you. Everybody has value, and it is the time of year to be with those who we have the most value with. I believe in each and every one of you and I am excited to see how you impact the world for the better in the future.

Happy Holidays, until Friday, your Friend,

Spencer Saunders


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