Happy Monday Gents! I hope your weekend was successful and productive. Today we discuss a concept that all alpha males at their core are fully aware of and embrace with every action, word spoken, and deed done: reciprocity.

The concept is simple enough but goes far deeper than the “quid pro quo” that the majority of humanity observes, only after someone has done for them, or if it is beneficial then the favor will be returned.

However reciprocity has far more to do with your overall life attitude than it does your willingness or unwillingness to pay people back after a favor. Everybody wants to feel valued, sometimes that sense of value must be generated from within, and other times we receive it from people via praise or accolades, but that is how the majority of people gain praise.

To reciprocate is the ultimate demonstration of respect for yourself, your fellow humans, humanity as a whole and the world and all it’s creatures. All of the above mentioned live within you already and are all dominant alpha male traits. So the question of today’s topic becomes how do we begin to shift mentality to one of favors versus one of reciprocity?

Quite simple enough actually: All you have to do is believe in along with living by one of the “golden rules” of life in “you get out what you put in”.

People who feel slighted don’t want to help people who have done damage to them right? Working every day towards your sense of highest purpose is the first step, (which I know you already live by), and the second is by embracing the golden rule concepts we discussed above.

The successful alpha male that lives inside you radiates the concept of reciprocity. He wants to keep as much balance in the world as possible, hence he wants to keep as many people happy and productive as possible. He will do favors for others and times and expect nothing in return. At other times he will do something and except something and get nothing, but he will not allow that to get him down. He never changes himself due to the way other people treat him or have slighted him in the past. The only path when someone slights you is forgiveness, compassion, and learning from your mistakes.

Anything else is negative energy and far too much of that in the world already, your inner alpha male knows that and seeks in no way to contribute to that beast.

To get in to the “reciprocity” mental mode that I have found most effective, it is time for today’s list:

-Do something for someone and expect nothing in return. What you get in return is contributing to the world’s positive energy!

-Volunteer. Time is our most precious currency in life and giving up a little bit of it to help someone less fortunate is more generous than acting as if the problem does not exist by tossing a couple of bucks in the salvation army bucket, even though that is a good cause also.

-Ask a favor of someone and then immediately ask upon completion what you can do for them. If they say nothing, pass it one to someone else and keep good going. They will more likely than not do the same and the positive chain of event you have just created is much more powerful than you might think.

I am excited to see what all of you will do to make this world a better place over your lifetime!

Tomorrow we discuss a mental stance that all emotionally strong people have: Faith in the face of adversity.

Until tomorrow, your friend in your continued development,

Spencer Saunders


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