Hey awesome guys!

Today we discuss passion. Everybody possesses it but very few of us tap into the full power that it offers us in this life in terms of fulfillment and success.

Ever notice how passionate people just seem to have that “factor”, that separates them from the rest of the pack? They operate their daily routines and life live on a totally different level than the rest of the people you see them interact with. I’ve heard several people describe it as he’s just got “it”. That “it” my brothers is passion.

Passion is knowing what you are on this earth for and working towards it every second of every single day. The majority of people have hobbies, interests, and of course occupations, but very few people live with passion. The reason most people don’t is because they are fearful of pursuing their passion or they have yet to find it.

My passions are screenwriting/filmmaking and helping as many people on this earth find their full potential as I possibly can.

I’ve only recently discovered my second passion, but that doesn’t mean that I go any softer on helping people find their potential then I do on my screenwriting and film work either. Passionate people however are not synonymous with successful people per say, but one usually accompanies the other.

Characteristics that passionate and successful people both share are as follows:

-No off days.

Ever, seriously. That does not mean you work all day, everyday until you keel over, cause you won’t do your best for the world if you never stop. It does however imply that you have purpose every single day. Even if you don’t work on a day or two of the week, what do you do to enchanted your life when you are not pursuing your passion.

Passionate people understand the need for rest, reflection, and re cooperation. It gives us the mental, physical, and emotional strength we need from time to time to push through adversity.

-Their own sense of self.

Passionate people do not care what others think about them, they know why they are here and will never compromise to make someone else more comfortable. I used to care what others thought of me, it was a quantifiable result of my low sense of self-esteem I carried with me for many years, when I was younger I was overweight, which effected my sense of self-worth negatively.

Honestly, if you are self-assured and confident in your purpose others thoughts on you are inconsequential. Adopt the philosophy if you want to help the world as much as you can, I know you will, because I believe in you!

-Over coming adversity

Passion does not stop for bumps in the road. You power on, you know why you are here. You want to enrich lives and help humanity. Haters and obstacles never slow you down, you cannot afford to let them, because, you guessed it, you know why you are here, your sense of purpose.

As we discussed previously when people cannot find their passion they feel they have none, I know every person on planet earth has passion because I’ve discovered two within myself. Take an inventory of what you enjoy doing,mor gain the strongest sense of fulfillment from, be it in your current job, your hobbies, crafts, classes, socialization. I know it is there waiting for you to uncover it, and if you have yet to find it I will help you in any way I can. I believe you will find it, follow your instincts and if nothing else, there’s nothing wrong with trying a few fun things that are wrong on the way to finding the one that’s is right.

In life there are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

Tomorrow is all day football so I will see you again on Monday when we discuss another Alpha Male characteristic that is busting to get out of you and help the world: The Protector.

Stay swell dudes, until Monday,

Spencer Saunders


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