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Hello again cool guys, the weekend is upon us and we use the weekend to blow off steam, see friends and family, and seek gratification that seems to be reserved for the weekend.

However, as we have discussed before, life is all about perspective, so I want to remind all those reading that it is very important to take time off, but be mindful of others.

What I mean to say is that if you work hard, (which I know you all do), you must play hard also. Meaning you have to balance your work week self with the fireball that is your weekend awesomeness. It has been proven in many psychological studies, (most recently by the University of Chicago) that having two consecutive days off is the most healthy (physically and mentally) work pattern for most people.

However for many of us the the weekend version of you is an exhausted, disappointed, and frustrated version of the work week you. It is a problem I had when I found myself in the Monday through Friday grind known as the American workweek. Your mentality becomes so damaged it effects you in ways that are mostly self-destructive. I know because I have been there.

The best way that I have found to balance work and leisure is to be the same person all the time, or in other words, maintain a sense of positive impact always, regardless of your present circumstances, company, location, or activities.

You have a lot of lives to impact for the better in your time on this earth, and I am very excited to see what you have to offer the world. I know that you fall down, get in slumps, and can become down trodden through out the course of your work week, we all do, as I said before I’ve been there myself.

What I failed to recognize until very recently is the fact that I have many lives to impact. It is a responsibility that only I can hold myself accountable for, and I strongly suggest you to do the same. There is a tremendous amount of power that you hold when you feel a strong sense of personal responsibility, one that gets lost from time to time in the weekend activities of forgetting your work week problems.

However as I’m sure you all know forgetting problems never solves them, it only makes them worse until you finally muster the courage to tackle them head on.

Time for the list in this post!

-Remember a positive impact you had through out your work week, a co-worker or friend you made laugh or smile.

-Give a family member/friend/girlfriend/boyfriend a hug and give them a little extra love and affection, remind them of their value to you.

-Spend a little bit of time helping someone out less fortunate than yourself, be it a volunteer program, someone needing help moving, someone needing help fixing a problem, step up and be a man and help someone else out.

-Remember the time of the year. We just had Thanksgiving a few weeks back and Christmas is just around the corner, so take time for family and be grateful for what you have.

-Re-focus your energy on accomplishing the goals you have yet to bring to life. They are not impossible to bring into reality, they are merely waiting for you mental state and time to be in balance to bring them to life.

Alright cool cats, I’ll see you again tomorrow when we discuss another alpha male trait that we only scratched the surface on today, passion. Get excited, the world belongs to us, we just have to find the way we will make the best impact possible. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share our journeys!

Until tomorrow,

Spencer Saunders


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