Hey again awesome dudes,

Today we discuss another trait that all successful Alphas embrace about themselves that you must follow to reach your full potential: Drive.

At times in life you will get knocked down, you will suffer setbacks, and fail. All of those things happen to all of us humans, especially men of our echelon who strive to change the world by reaching for our full potential everyday.

What separates us from the folks who get knocked down and don’t try again is a characteristic of emotional strength known as drive.

We all get obstacles thrown in our way. Drive separates the true Alpha male from the rest who have yet to realize their full potential.

To put it in other words, drive and self-confidence go hand in hand with a sense of purpose. It is the acceptance of your mistakes. The willingness to get back up, try and again, and the fearlessness to try again, in spite of those mistakes.

An example from my recent past:

I made friends with a person who betrayed my trust, corrupted my work and tried to make my life as close to a living hell as possible. They hacked into my accounts, corrupted files of my ebooks, and basically tried to tear me down because I tried to help them, and they wanted nothing more than to complain about their problems and seek no solutions. They just wanted to gossip and belly ache, which as we all know solves nothing.

Drive lives within me because after those events unfolded, I formed a new plan, started working again and said to myself “Okay, they’ve done their worst. I’ll come back stronger and show the whole world my best.”

I accepted that I made the mistake of trusting the wrong person, learned that life lesson, and kept on pushing, working harder with a much greater sense of purpose because I knew they were hating on me because they knew I was on the right path, and honestly were jealous.

Drive lives within you also, you have the power to change your circumstances and your mentality because you are striving to make yourself a better man so you may benefit the world to your fullest potential.

You know I love my lists by this point so let’s look at a few examples from your past that will prove to you that the power of drive lives within you:

-In school when you got a bad grade you hated the teacher and wanted to do better to prove them wrong.

-At work, you got shown that you were wrong and wanted to come back and do better work to prove you were capable of more.

-One of your friends, in seriousness or jest cracked on you for a flaw, so you take that as a reason to fix that flaw and prove them wrong.

-A family member shows you embarrassing photos or tells a story of your flaws from your past and it pushes you forward to show them you are capable of improving yourself and not stuck in the same old shell of the person they are relaying the story/photo about.

-You have made the choice to become the best man that you can possibly be, for yourself first, and for the world secondly.

Drive, like self-confidence must be generated from within.

If you are still unsure as to your purpose in this life yet, then your purpose should be making yourself into the best man that you can possibly be, your passion will follow shortly.

I am withholding the topic of tomorrow’s post as a surprise, but I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with common weekend activities that all people enjoy.

I’ll see all you cool dudes tomorrow. Keep on shining!

Spencer Saunders


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