Unwavering Optimism

Hey awesome guys,

The topic of this first post is the ultimate alpha male quality all successful alpha males have: unwavering optimism.

Before we go further let me first thank you for slamming your eye balls here! Time is our most precious currency in life, I hate having mine wasted and know you feel the same way.

Over the past couple of months I have discovered my full potential in this life. I have two passions; screenwriting/film creative development and helping other men reach their full potential.

People are at their best when they are striving towards perfection, or in other words, working with a sense of purpose. Those two factors are the most important in gaining fulfillment in the short amount of time we have on this earth.

The most important alpha male trait is unwavering optimism, and ironically enough it is the easiest to begin drawing out of yourself. I used to get very down very quickly, I was depressed, and had no sense of purpose in life, I was broken.

Optimism is nothing more than the belief/display of a positive outlook on life. You’ve heard the glass half empty or half full debate right? All of our experiences in life, good or bad, have a tremendous amount of value.

Good experiences and memories give us healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. In trying times they serve to remind us that something better waits after we push through adversity. They remind us that we are smart, passionate, friendly, and make good decisions.

Bad experiences are warnings. In optimistic terms, the bad are learning experiences. We’ve all had some terrible summer job right? The money earned from it was good, however the learning experiences that sucky job provided was probably more valuable than the monetary compensation right?

So we have to identify key points towards remaining positive in times of adversity, if you get negative, you are robbing the world of your full potential, and I’m excited to see what you guys end up doing to make the world a better place!

If you get down, here’s a list to regain your optimism:

-Remember a joke, say it to yourself and laugh

-Remember a compliment someone gave you

-Think of a fun childhood activity, sports, church group, or scouts, camp, remember fun times

-Distract your mind, brag about you to you, think about your accomplishments you are proud of

-Remember the things you are thankful for, I.E. family, friends, job, home, clothes, car, food, pets

-Seek an activity that you are good at, video games, creative endeavors, crafts, or socialization

Remember if nothing else that life has a never ending learning curve and the fact that you make mistakes is nothing more than you trying to hit your full potential!

Okay gents, keep those chins up and drive on! I’m excited to see what you all can do with your lives! Until tomorrow,

Spencer Saunders


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